Chapter 10 is what you will reference (Civil War) (Gone to Texas) text book


Second Essay Exam: Wartime Ideology and Outcome of the Civil War (Texas Study)

Utilizing the course content material and your textbook readings from the last two weeks, answer the following prompt:

According to the sources from our last unit of study, how did slavery contribute to the wartime ideology of Texan Confederate soldiers of the Civil War and how did state measures taken during Reconstruction, despite federal law, marginalize if not altogether remove, the constitutional rights of African-Americans in Texas?

To analyze this prompt you must:

1) Address the history of slavery in Texas and the ideology of states rights in our studies of the roots to Civil War.

2) Examine the letters noted by McPherson (Why They Fought) from Confederate soldiers of Texas and their views on slavery and emancipation.

3) Address the gradual progress of emancipation and following measures by Texas to infringe upon the rights of African-Americans during the period of Reconstruction (examine the Texas Black Codes source).

Your essay needs to be thesis driven, of a least eight hundred words (roughly four double spaced pages) and no more than five double spaced pages. It must also contain examples of documented evidence from the course content readings with parenthetical citations ( in text citation; use APA/MLA format), and include a work cited page.