Evaluate the role and legacy of Mao Zedong in creating and building a new China. What do you think will be his most enduring claims to fame? What were his unique contributions to China and Chinese history? How do you think he will be judged in the future? Do you think the evidence shows him more as a political theorist or as a power hungry ruler? Use material from the course, including Mao’s writings, the textbook, the film “To Live,” and chapters from Xinran’s Good Women of China, plus readings in Patricia Buckley Ebrey”Illustrated history china”

2. Evaluate the role and uses of history in China today. Whose history? Who uses it and for what purposes? What is the role of remembering? Forgetting? How is it linked to nationalism and what is its role in building up a modern, powerful China? Use particularly the material on Tiananmen by Lisa Lim and Li Xuewen and from the book Never Forget National Humiliation and the current articles about Xi Xinping’s an his uses of history.