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Write an abbreviated Literature review of 8 quantitative studies on healthcare worker burnout. Pay close attention to whether the studies explore workplace cultural differences as a factor. Focus on quantitative studies only. The paper must by 8-10 pages long, double spcaed, not including title page or references page.Sources must be peer reviewed journal articles, and must be fairly recent (no more than 10 years old).I have attached a source that is a very good study. You can use their references to obtain other sources. Just make sure they are quantitative studies only. Look at studies that use the Professional Quality of Life Scale, and that use the Maslach Burnout Inventory – but only focus on burnout.Also, most studies on burnout rely on bi-variate research methods, but very few use multi-variate research methods looking at the combined effects of culture on palliative care/healthcare worker burnout levels.Please identify the following aspects of each article reviewed:The purpose of the Study
The study research methods design
The findings
Limitations of their study
What they suggest for future studies

Exploring Workplace Cultural Dissonance as a Predictor of Palliative Care Worker Levels of Burnout

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