World War Z, Night of the Living Dead, Dawn of the Dead, even Shaun of the Dead, followed by zombies at Magic Mountain, Six Flags, and Universal Studios—people just can’t seem to get enough of zombies in their life. The story of zombies seems to have always been amongst society, yet the question is, why? Why are people so fixated by the idea of zombies, and has this focus become unhealthy? Now it is time to examine and decide if the focus on zombies is something that is depleting people or invigorating them. Analyze whether this draw to these horrific images should continue. Yes, people are fascinated, but what happens when they have this fascination? Isn’t there enough stress already without bringing a zombie into the picture? As you explore this phenomena that is gripping citizens, be sure to proofread, to include at least four academic sources in your four page essay, along with in text citations and an additional works cited page, with a peer review to give your position validity.

Also the worked cited page must be mla format.

evaluation essay