– The topic is: Explain how organizations can create team players (CHAPTER 10) from book below.
– Don’t worry much about the 2 page written, if we have great 8 slides following the instructions below I wont even use the written pages.

– Sources:
1) Book: https://is.muni.cz/el/1456/podzim2017/BKH_PSEK/um/povinna_literatura/Robbins__S._P.____Judge__T._A.__2017_._Organization_behaviour.pdf
The book is just to give directions, we can quote the book if essential but she wants it to be creative and out of the box so we can be very creative with other sources.
2) We can use all other great sources out there
3) This is a group work so have attached the ppt being used for the group, if you can please use the attached document to do the 8 slides will be great. Please also follow the same layout that you see in the ppt. One slide for each item.

TIAI Practice Labs

TIAI Practice Labs are opportunities for you to have short INDIVIDUAL practice sessions to practice for the larger GROUP TIAI presentation due August 10. The sample TIAI Presentation in Blackboard is an excellent example of a GROUP TIAI presentation, but it is not a short sample. Here are two examples of what your INDIVIDUAL TIAI practice labs might look like based on a reading of Chapter 6 (Perception and Individual Decision Making):

Explain how organizations can create team players.