Using the facility and critical infrastructure sector identified in the individual research paper, produce a complete FEP for a specific facility at a specific location, including sections on mitigation, preparation, response, and recovery. The primary purpose of the FEP is for students to demonstrate that they have mastered the content of this course, including concepts and skills and have achieved the course’s goals and objectives. A second purpose for the FEP is provide a project that students can provide to perspective future employers as a “real world” sample of an emergency management work product.

Remember that several sample FEPs are provided in the course e-Readings under Course Resources, although you are permitted to use a unique format as long as it meets the needs of the planning process.

The FEP is to include an all-hazards risk assessment using a standardized and widely accepted risk assessment methodology, such as CARVER. Both threats from terrorism and other man-made hazards as well as natural hazards, specific to the facility, are to be assessed.

Though the FEP is to be all-hazard in scope, the FEP must demonstrate you have mastered the concepts presented in this course. As such, at a minimum, the threats associated with terrorism must be thoroughly addressed in mitigation, preparation, response, and recovery portions of the FEP. As discussed in the Individual Research Paper, incorporate the applicable laws, regulations, and guidelines on the federal, regional, state, tribal, local, or private sector that would apply to your selected facility.

In addition to identifying the tasks that need to be accomplished for major parts of the FEP, also provide some analysis as to how the tasks are to be accomplished. The FEP is to include implementation timelines for major parts of the plan. In preparing your FEP, you do not need to include actual Points of Contact and you may “mask” this and other sensitive information by altering the information.

After submitting their Individual Research Paper, some students want to change the Facility on which they want to base their FEP. You are free to do so, but you do so at your own risk. The Research Paper is meant to lay the foundation for your FEP. If you change the subject facility, you still need to do the research to prepare a proper FEP for the new facility.

Facility Emergency Plan Project