This assignment is designed to help you apply the theories we’re discussing in class to the book The Glass Castle. The purpose for this assignment is two-fold.
First, this will help you to better understand the theories as you apply them to the Walls family in the book.
Second, future employers might ask you to complete SOAP notes on clients and this assignment can help familiarize you with how to write them. Each section should be 1-2 paragraphs long.

Citations are not required but grammar is important.

Introduction (Overview of the theory):
This section is for the author of the SOAP note to outline the theory that they are choosing to use as the lens for writing this SOAP note. It should be the author’s summarization of the theory and explanation of the family situation based on theory. It should be thorough enough that it is apparent to the instructor that you understand the theory (1-2 paragraphs).

Client Description:
This section is used to describe all of the individuals that were present during the session. May include the client’s manner of dress, physical appearance, illnesses, disabilities, energy level, general self-presentation.

Subjective (What you hear):
This section should be used to describe why the family members are visiting you. What is the purpose, from their point of view, to come to this session? What are their presenting problem(s) or issue(s)? This can be through one main person’s lens, but should cover everyone’s perspective. Describe what the client says about causes, duration, and seriousness of issue(s). How does the client family understand the problem and what kind of help is being sought? If the client has more than one concern, rank them based on client’s perception of their importance.


Family Theory_The Glass Castle_SOAP Notes 2