Why is cross-cultural awareness important nowadays? Please discuss the question in the context of one cross-cultural management topic introduced in the module. Refer to any two theories (i.e. Hofstede’s national cultural dimensions, Trompenaars’s 7 dimensions, Edward T. Hall’s high context, low context culture, Etic vs Emic approach); model taught in this module to examine the chosen topic, and critically evaluate their contribution to cross-cultural management.

This essay should be no more than 2000 words in length (There is NO 10% margin).
What do we mean by ‘cross-cultural management topic’?
A cross-cultural management topic can be:
1. Any topic you learnt from this module (i.e. cultural change, ethics, communication,
motivation, leadership, organisation structure and culture, international HRM, negotiation and
conflict, multicultural team);
2. Any emerging phenomenon in cross-cultural management. Some examples from previous:
the use of technology, social media, business relationship building across cultures,
advertisement, virtual communication, perceptions of beauty, and so on.
Formatting requirements:
It is expected that your essay will be presented to a professional standard. It MUST
• be word processed and typed in Ariel 12 font;
• have 1.5 line spacing and include 2.54cm margins on ALL sides;
• have clear line spaces between paragraphs and paragraphs not indented;
• The header must include the student number and the Footer must include a page number.
(this essay should be marked anonymously)
• state the number of words used at the end of the essay (excluding cover page, tables, charts,
references and appendices).
• be properly proofread with no obvious typographical errors
Tutors will be looking for the following:
• Format/layout in accordance with the specification given below
• Essay structure, coherence and clarity of writing
• Evidence of wide research and independent reading
• Demonstration of understanding through the application and clear relevance of chosen
• Depth and quality of discussion, clearly focused on the questions set
• Quality and relevance of conclusions – which are clearly drawn from the preceding
• The acknowledgement and referencing of ALL source materials within the text and within a
separate reference list.
Penalties(something important):
Penalty deductions from the total essay mark may be made for the following:
1. Format/layout – failure to follow some or all of the format/layout instructions – up to 5%
2. Word count – work exceeding the MAXIMUM word count of 2,000 words or failure to declare
an accurate word count – unlimited penalty deduction, subject to the extent of breach.
The word count should be stated at the end of your essay.
60-69 As below plus: – – Very good work-contains much of the requisite details, is reliable and appropriate and shows the subject matter’s understanding and attempts to present it in a broader context. Showing some originality of thinking with good assumptions of criticism and interpretation, is mindful of the limits of understanding. – Well-researched, strong usage and reference presentation.