Major World cultures:
Task: Answer each question in full sentences. (Each question is worth ten points each)
What was the Berlin Conference and what impact did it have on Africa?
What were the causes of decolonization in Africa?
What was the “Good Neighbor Policy” and what impact did it have on Native Africans? —
What were the causes and effects of the Haitian revolution? —
List the reasons why America had a negative relationship with the Cuban revolution? —
What were the effects of N.A.F.T.A. on Mexico? —
What were the values of the Bolivar and San ListMartin’s revolutions? —

Why did Columbus conquer America? What were the causes of instability in Spain? —
What effect did Columbus’s invasion have on Europe? —
Formulate an argument as to whether the USA invasion/war in Iraq caused the Arab Spring? —
What is the Pact of UMAR? —
Elaborate on the core principles of Islam. —
What event became the catalyst to the Arab Spring? —
What linked Mans Musa’s empire? List the two commodities.

List the causes of the Arminian Geocide. —__
Based off of what you learned and observed about Moammar Gadhafi, create a quote on how he would have viewed the uprising in the Arab countries? —

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