Seperate with Sub headings to make more clear
1- Can you put sub-headings discussing a few key points relating to talent acquisition in the hospitality industry in the talent acquisition section where you wrote Relate the topic to the hospitality industry can you put subheadings like you did for workforce planning after you discussed 2 key factors you have headings and subheadings can you do this for talent aquisition

2-In rention section you wrote about the issues and the part *Can you Discuss the above topics broadly with consideration to the question. Discuss further and expand if you have not already Or have you discussed it already or merged into together with something else because there’s no subheading for Discuss the above topics broadly with consideration to the question I can not find this part.

3-And subheadings for what are the issues , what are the issues exactly relating to rention? What are some of the issues that you need to understand about retention in the hospitality industry? where’s the subheadings for stating what the issues are is it e.g Lack of training, Lack of benefits are there any subheadings to name the issues so they stand out.

4- The reference list
Ansar, N. and Baloch, A this reference is not in text cited in the body ?? Where does it go in the body
Guðmundsdóttir, S. and Helgudóttir, Not in text cited in the body and have to get access to view
Hejase, H.J., Hejase, A.J., Mikdashi, G. and Bazeih, Z.F. Not in text cited in the body? Where in the body
De Bruecker, P., Van den Bergh, J., Beliën, J. and Demeulemeester, E Need to get access to view
Can you find references that don’t require access to view