⦁ Have you ever worked for a toxic leader?
⦁ How do you define a toxic leader or a toxic environment?
⦁ Without identifying individuals, please explain your experience within the toxic environment: Was the leader female or male?
⦁ When you realized that the environment you were in was toxic, what did you decide to do about your position: Did you stay or leave the toxic situation?
⦁ If you decided to stay, what made you decide to remain in a toxic environment?
⦁ Since you decided to stay and work in this type environment how did you approach your daily tasks and workload?
⦁ If you decided to leave, what one thing would have kept you from leaving?
⦁ Was there a support system in place to help you? Did you have someone that could help you with the issues you encountered? Did you use this system? What changes did you see?
⦁ How long did you work in this environment?
⦁ How long did it take you to identify that the environment was toxic?
⦁ What do you feel stayed with you because of this experience? Would you recognize the symptoms earlier if presented with a toxic environment? Would you leave that environment immediately or would you wait to see how things evolve?
⦁ How many classes were you required to take to meet the certification requirements of the position? How many classes were in-person classes? How many were online classes? For online classes, were you permitted to use duty time to complete these classes?
⦁ What invokes a sense of loyalty to the organization that you work for?


Financial Impact of Toxic Leadership in the Department of Defense /AN