One or more videos may be provided as supplemental or mandatory material for a course period. If the video is mandatory, it must be mentioned and/or interacted with in the Response Paper (see information on how to cite a YouTube video in the Turabian in-text format).

The material that is provided must be carefully studied. It recommended to use a highlighter and take notes during the process of reading and studying the material. Make note of what is could be interacted with in the Response Paper and anticipate possible oral examination or quiz questions.

The assigned study materials are attached:
Titled “Managing the Mediation Process” and
“World Mediation Organization Part 1” as well as a
Video is found in YouTube TITLED:
What is Mediation?
Australian Court System, Federal Court of Australia
Mediation in the Federal Court of Australia

Simply adopt Turabian in-text citation; No footnotes, please
e.g., (Cole 2017, 1), (Williams 2019, 41) i.e., Author last name and date of publication and more importantly page number. No footnotes please
and the Bibliography. No footnotes, please

Find a suitable and attractive title