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– Thesis and Essay Task:
The essay meets the following criteria: (1) It has a clearly identifiable thesis, and (2) this thesis and the discussion as a whole are on topic and clearly address your chosen essay question.

– Exposition:
The exposition does an excellent job of demonstrating your understanding of the relevant views and readings by being: (1) accurate, (2) suitably in-depth and detailed, (3) concise, and (4) clear. The exposition also does an excellent job of (5) using your own words and (when appropriate) examples to explain the views/ideas/arguments under discussion (so quotes should be used sparingly and only to support, and not replace, the explanation in your own words of the views under discussion).

– Critical Discussion:
The critical discussion does an excellent job of meeting the following criteria: (1) is insightful (2) makes intelligent choices about what to focus on, (3) provides an in-depth discussion of one or two key critical issues concerning the main topic of the essay, (4) reveals your own reflections on the topic and some independent thinking

– Structure :
The essay does an excellent job of (1) having a wellorganized structure, and (2) making that structure clear to the reader, for example, through the uses of connective words and signposting. A well-organised essay is one where: (i) importantly different parts of the essay (e.g. the exposition and critical discussion) are clearly demarcated, (ii) the ordering of different parts of the essay is logical and helps the reader to follow and understand the discussion, and (iii) an appropriate amount of words is devoted to the different sections of the essay, and (iv) paragraph breaks are used intelligently to break up and order the discussion. See Pryor’s “Guidelines for Writing A Philosophy Paper” on how to use connective words and signposting.

– Argumentation :
The essay does an excellent job of meeting the following criteria: (1) Arguments are clearly identifiable, (2) premises clearly support the conclusion and (when relevant) the author demonstrates some awareness of how they support that conclusion (e.g. whether they provide deductive or inductive support), (3) all substantive premises, and other important claims, are supported by clearly identified reasons, and (4) relevant counterarguments are anticipated and responded to.
– Introduction :
The introduction does an excellent job of meeting the following criteria: (1) is concise and direct (get straight to the point with no extraneous information), (2) provides a brief but still informative characterisation of the main topic, (3) provides a statement of the main thesis of the essay, and (4) indicates the structure of the discussion to come.
– Form and mechanics:
With only minor exceptions, the essay meets all of the following criteria: (1) the essay is written in good English prose with all sentences being complete and grammatical, (2) punctuation is used correctly, (3) there are no spelling mistakes, (4) words are appropriately chosen for their precise meaning, and (5) one major referencing style is used consistently and all needed references are provided.