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Choose ONE of the following topics and craft a nicely written mini-essay of at least 200 words. In this discussion, you do not have to cite your sources. You should quote from Gilgamesh. Put the page number you’re referencing inside parentheses, for example: (23). You may write in first person (I, me, my, our, etc.). (Second person (YOU) is not a good idea.)

Your MEANINGFUL response should be at least 50 words. Responses should elaborate on the points made by the original poster or disagree respectfully citing evidence from the text.


1.) What is Gilgamesh’s character arc? What kind of person was he the story starts and how did he become a different person at the end?


2.) Is this 4000 year old story still relevant today? Why or why not?


3.) Some modern readers see Gilgamesh’s relationship with Enkidu as homoerotic. What evidence can you find in the text to support that?

Your grade is (mostly) determined by the number of MEANINGFUL words you write. Remember 200 words for initial response and 50 words for response to classmate.