Group Facilitation Paper: Do not use a cover sheet or title page. Put your name, date, and title and the date you facilitated the group in the top left hand corner of the first page. Skip a line and begin the body of the paper. Margins should be 1 inch all around. The paper should have 12-point font, be double spaced, and be at least two pages in length. Follow the rubric and refer to the text for full points.

The body of the paper should include:
1. Description – summarized what happened during the group (who was present, group affect, what issues/topics were worked on, activities or exercises completed, activity level of group members (some may have been more active than others), how the session began and ended, etc.). This is often best done chronologically.
2. Analysis – provide your assessment of the group’s process and outcome (what was the group member’s comfort level with one another, level of group cohesion and trust, what interactional dynamics were evident, explain any critical incidents that occurred, how did your leadership style and techniques impact the group (i.e., work or not), were the leader’s techniques helpful, how were the activities received by members, etc.). Where appropriate refer to specific concepts discussed in class or in the texts.

please watch my video of my group counseling session so you can write the essay. I listed the pro’s and con’s i thought of my self about the counseling session please include them in the paper , you can put them as my strength and weakness as young counselor

you can use the text book for a source

Group Facilitation Paper