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Based on the movie, The Breakfast Club, you will propose a therapeutic group based on the characters and a defined problem seen. Remember, group therapy is about mutual aid. What’s a problem, issue, or deficit that all characters displayed in which they can benefit from group therapy. This paper serve as an informational on a population that will benefit from a therapeutic group intervention and it will serve as a proposal for the said therapeutic group.

The paper should Include the following elements:
1-History (the story/ problem/ matter)
2-Clinical population (target population)
3-Purpose of therapeutic group intervention (include what has been shown to work, what doesn’t work, what’s promising)
4-Therapeutic goals (include guiding theory)
5-Treatment setting i.e. eating disorders > young females> residential > daily> 1.5 hours
6-Group development (group rules, boundaries, membership)
7-Stages of the group (expectations)
8-Therapist Toolbox (leadership, establishing group norms)

Please use 5 Scholarly Sources

Group Proposal