In a well-written 6-page paper (excluding title and references pages) to include three scholarly sources from the required or optional readings list, respond to the following:
1. What do you believe are the most critical threats (discuss at least 3) confronting the Measurement Equipment Co. Inc. (MESCO)?
Hint: As you read the case, take note how events that have emerged in the company’s external environment, for example, increased regulation, and economic, social, and technological factors, have created the need for the company to consider undergoing some major changes.
2. In the Background section of this module, we reviewed the role of Culture, Commitment, Capacity, and Capability to determine the extent to which companies are prepared to undertake major organizational changes successfully.
Your task is to list four factors that the company should consider as they relate to MESCO’s readiness to change. Defend and explain your reasoning for each factor.
What steps do you recommend Bill Smith should take to move forward with the company’s major organizational changes successfully?
What do you believe the company should do to sufficiently prepare for this proposed organizational change?