Just like communicating with patients requires some skills, communicating with colleagues also requires some techniques and skills. Because effective communication among health care workers is so critical it may be even more important to learn how to communicate effectively, particularly when conflict arises. In the Module we will learn how to apply communication concepts to collegial conflict situations.


Read Chapter 23 in your Arnold & Boggs (2020) text entitled ” Interprofessional Communication” and the Video lecture overview here.


Choose one of the following scenarios from your text:

a) Read the scenario between Dr. Tanlow and Ms. Serf on page 452 Simulation Exercise 23-2

Answer the ALL following questions:

How would you respond in this situation?
Identify which conflict resolution strategies (Chapter 23) you used and why? Cite your readings as a reference.
Have you ever had a similar situation to this? Share your experience. If not, do you believe you would be able to resolve this conflict if it happened to you? Why or why not?