During the quarter we have examined the ways that “ideas” about nature can have dramatic effects on both the physical construction of cities and the way that people “perceive” or “feel” about citiesand their residents(good, bad, or otherwise). Utilizing both the secondary sources AND the primary sources please analyze/explore the historical dimensions of this relationship fromtheantebellumperiod to the 1920s. (This chronology correspondswith the sources and materials from Week 3 through Week 8.)In other words (or more simply), what did Americans think about “nature” during these years (antebellum to 1920)? Did this change or shift and why? And how do we see this playing out within the citiesand history we have examined? What effects did these static or shifting “ideas” haveon people(race, class, genderor otherwise)?What effects did it have on nature(both ideas ofitand its “physical shape”and “treatment”)?
Historical Dimensions