. Hegel – when it comes time to actually describing cultures from the past (and present!) – relies on and more or less takes for granted the orientalist/Eurocentric/downright racist assumptions that had hitherto guided the study of history and what we might call sociology and anthropology (he’s writing in early 19th century Germany, note, though also note the many contemporary critics of just such assumptions). In what senses does this damn his project (whether we should take it seriously in the first place remains perhaps an open question) and in what senses might it not? This is the second part of the paper I started, the question.

I need to add more to the existing paper I will upload. I am trying to answer the question of historians ( will up load question) and add Hegel and his take and circumstances on Racism. The proof that he was not truly racist.

History G.W. F. Hegel