At the conclusion of your SOAP, you will elaborate on the following elements listed below.  Ensure to be thorough and to base your evidence on credible references.

Discuss lab work/diagnostics ordered and how results guided the patient’s care.
Discuss the rationale for the selected non-pharm or pharmacological treatment choice and provide patient-relevant side-effects that needed to be discussed with the patient and perhaps monitored.
Discuss challenges you may have experienced and areas that you identified as needing improvement, i.e communication, assessment, pharm, history taking, etc.
What was one key takeaway from this patient case?
What you would do differently and “why”. I appreciate your critical thinking and I do not want you to automatically agree with the status quo. Whether you agree or disagree with a diagnosis or treatment plan I want you to support the plan of care with evidence (Evidence-based Practice). If you disagree with any aspect of the plan of care support your rationale.
Observations of situations that elicit insights into your own future practice.
Resources used to support your learning of this patient case (a reference page is required- APA format).

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