Though sustainability initiatives are often driven by regulatory requirements, an increasing number of companies notice that they frequently result in decreased operating costs and increased revenues. Recent research has shown a strong and positive link between successful sustainability strategy and corporate value. Thus, sustainability can enhance businesses in several ways
Explain and analyze how one organization or company in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia benefits from sustainability initiatives.

Paper should meet the following requirements:

Make the writing simple and easy to follow
Introduction no more than 75 words
Body paragraph 1225 words
Conclusion 75 words
You may find Chapter 10 in the text to be of help to you
Use no less than 2 and more than 5 Direct Quotations
Academic/ journal articles and those published within the most recent five-year period, and scholarly sources are those from peer-reviewed journals.
References have to be academic sources
Please attach the used articles, book and etc as references along with the paper once its uploaded. Be sure to cite and integrated.

Textbook for the course: Epstein, M & Buhovac, A (2014). Making sustainability work: Best practices in managing and measuring corporate social, environmental, and economic impacts (2nd ed.). New York, NY: Routledge.

Impact of Regulatory Requirements on Sustainability Initiatives