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Body language negotiators (attached file)


The goal of this assignment is to practice your skills at identifying personality characteristics, communication skills, and any differences that stand out to you.
Rather than reflect on your own assessment results, tune into a television show or movie for approximately 15-20 minutes.
Respond to the following in a 3-4 page paper:
The name of the movie/TV show;
A brief summary of the show;
The names and roles of characters observed; and
The date you viewed the movie/TV show.
Identify in each character the personality and behavioral characteristics being exhibited based on your understanding of course reading and video content.
Analyze and discuss the communication process of the characters as studied in your reading and video content.
Identify and discuss any negotiations or conflict that took place.
Analyze and discuss the body language of the parties.
Discuss any cultural or gender issues that may have stood out to you.

***As I an aware that some writers may reside outside of the US, please select an American movie/tv show***
***Other than that, I have no preference as to which show you choose. I understand that this order may be a bit unusual, please contact me asap if the “movie/tv show” selecting/watching/analyzing presents a problem.*** Thank you

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