Select any musical example composed by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart or Joseph Haydn. If you choose a work with multiple movements, you only need to write about one movement for your journal entry. You should listen to a few different pieces to find one that you like before beginning your journal. When you are ready, identify the following:

Title of the Piece
Composer or Artist
Provide an open-source link (YouTube/Spotify) to the piece
Describe your response to Copeland’s first plane of listening (sensuous)
Describe your response to Copeland’s second plane of listening (expressive)
Describe the melody
Identify the harmony
Identify the rhythm (meter and tempo – how fast/slow it is)
Describe the timbre of your example
Describe the form (where do you hear repetition?)

When you write your journal, use the numbered format provided above to streamline your responses, but make sure you’re using complete sentences in your description of the musical elements. Your descriptions should be as thorough as possible. For more complex elements, like melody, timbre, and form, you will need multiple sentences to provide enough detail. If your example changes significantly in the middle, make sure to note how it changes in your description of each element.

intro to music