There are the introduction of the work below. You just need to work on the first 1 Op-ed Topic. For the second work below, I just post it for you to know the introduction of final Op Ed. You don’t need to work on the second work. When you finish the topic work. I will make a new order as you are writer to work on the final Op Ed. So now you just need to working on the topic first.

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1) Op -ed Topic: 200-300 words (format on 1 page). Identify and detail a land movement and corresponding land struggle in contemporary Africa (Land Movements and Struggles). This topic will serve as the basis for your final op-ed. Therefore, you’ll want to do some research to be sure that it’s a viable topic. Feel free to identify more than one potential topic to discuss with the instructor. Identify and cite at least two sources; one of which must be a peer-reviewed academic source.

2) Op Ed: Students will write an op-ed of 4- 5 pages (1000- word limit) double-spaced each in total length (excluding references). The op-ed should define the problem or issue, state a point of view and use storytelling to make the case. The op-ed should focus on any contested issue related to section one (Land Movements and Struggles) of the course. The op-ed can focus on a movement related to a country, a city, village or region on the African continent. The audience for an op-ed is very general and have very few, if any, citations. For our purpose the op-ed should have an addendum listing the references used. This should include a minimum of 4 references, 2 references from the course readings and 2 from outside, is required for the op-ed. Schedule an individual meeting with the Instructor if you have difficulties deciding on a topic or region, need assistance to discuss your thoughts or to clarify concepts.

Introduction of final Op Ed – Identify and detail a land movement and corresponding land struggle in contemporary Africa (Land Movements and Struggles)