Your Introduction should…
be double-spaced and typed.
have margins no larger than 1 inch all the way around.
have a font size of either 10 or 12 only
use either ​Arial​ or ​Times New Roman ​font
be no longer than 3 pages.
be no shorter than 1 1/2 pages.
NOT have a title page.
NOT have a title.
have the word “Introduction” at the top of the first page and centered.
have your full name in the top right corner, similar to the running head you will use in your final paper.
be free of spelling and grammatical errors.
have about 10 references.
be properly referenced.
NOT possess any plagiarized material.
The general form of the introduction is as follows:
Opening Paragraph​: Overview of your topic.
First set of Middle Paragraphs​: More specific discussion of your topic and the details you will be investigating.
Second set of Middle Paragraphs​: Specific focus on what is missing in the field and what needs to be done.
Closing Paragraph​: Your hypothesis and how your research design will provide the missing information.

Introduction Page