You shave chosen a researchable topic from our textbook.

Your TOPIC is “What They Say About Your Topic.” That is, you are reviewing the current discussion among scholars on a topic in the study of religion.

Having found at least 3 related academic peer-reviewed sources plus one general source – such as an encyclopedia, dictionary, or handbook of religion –

1. Summarize what each source says about your topic. Always begin with the general source of information – in order to establish the broad picture you are researching. Then, give a critically framed, accurately and frequently cited long summary of each of your sources.

2. Using the heuristic we have examined, analyze the approach taken by each scholar.

3. Compare and contrast their findings, including their approaches.

* Your task is to demonstrate research, organization and comprehension.*
You need not argue a thesis as you are reporting on scholarship in this assignment.

4. Reflect on what you have learned, from a critical perspective, about how each of your scholars approaches the topic.

DUE: Monday

Ismaili Muslims