Using the concepts of health literacy and health disparities, you will develop a 2-3 page (not including title and reference page) APA style paper using the following criteria:

HEALTH TOPIC: RESPIRATORY DISEASES: ASTHMA (Reduce hospitalizations for asthma among children and adults aged 5 to 64 years)


A title page in APA format including a running head, title, your name, institution and date.
An introductory paragraph describing the topic and issue to include a thesis statement at the end.
Describe how does health disparities affect your chosen HP2020 topic and objective.
Discuss three nursing and interdisciplinary health care strategies to minimize the impact of the disparities you identified in criteria three.
Determine three education strategies as a patient educator that will improve your patient’s health literacy. These strategies can be utilized to effectively communicate to patients and families to enhance comprehension of information received.
A closing paragraph that summarizes your paper.
A reference page formatted in APA. Ensure to use at least two scholarly sources dated within the past five years. You must use the course textbook and the HP2020 website.

Issues Analysis Paper: Health Literacy and Health Disparities