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Essay #2: Argument Essay-directions and topic
Choose a law or policy (might be a policy at VGCC, your child’s school, or your work place) that you think should be different – DO NOT choose a large law like abortion or the death penalty; you should choose something much more local to you. In your essay, your claim should be what you think the policy SHOULD be and support your policy using at least three of the strategies of argumentation that you have been studying.

As part of your essay assignment, you will want to do a little research and include at least two sources in your essay. These sources can be articles, books, videos, etc.. Wikipedia pages are NOT acceptable. Please cite these sources in MLA format and incorporate them into your paper in some way. Provide the sources on a Works Cited Page at the end of your paper.

Your essay should be between 600-750 words long written in the standard 5-paragraph essay format you learned in ENG 111, including a thesis statement at the end of the introductory paragraph, focused body paragraphs with clear topic sentences, and a conclusion. Essays less than 600 words (not including the works cited page) will not be graded.

Remember, your essay should support your policy, not say why the other law/policy is wrong.

Email me with any questions you have about this assignment.

Remember that this essay is academic writing, so you don’t want to use “I” or “you” in your essay.

Use standard format:

Put your name, course and section number, and assignment title clearly at the top of the document.
Use 12 font.
Double space.
Be sure to save your paper as a rich text format (.rtf) file. Submit the assignment the Turnitin link provided in the module. Your essay will be run through Urkund to check for plagiarism. Please remember that you are not allowed to use an essay that you have written previously for this class or another.

Email me with any questions you have about this assignment.

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Its sappose to be a Argumentive Essay I do Not have a preferance on what the topic is just please abide by the Guide lines in instructions