Written Assignment
Wordage: 3000 ( /- 10%)
[Citations within the main body of the assignment are included in the word count; reference lists are excluded.]
Title: Critically analyse an aspect of service that has developed in the last three years or is in the process of being developed with particular reference to the past, present and any future recommendations. The development of service may be as a result of quality improvement which should be discussed and analysed.
Learning outcomes:
On completion of this module, students are expected to be able to:
1. Critically evaluate contemporary health and social care policy, related to health and social care modernisation and redesign of service.
2. Explore the professional, regulatory and legal positions of advancing practice.
3. Critically examine a range of leadership theories within the context of the development of services.
4. Critically reflect the range of skills required to develop and deliver and evaluate safe and effective services.
5. Critically analyse and evaluate their role as healthcare professionals in relation to advanced practice and address the strategic, cultural and organisational challenges that they, as advanced practitioners, are faced with.
Key features of the assignment:
This module equips you with the knowledge and skills to undertake a small quality improvement initiative/project. It will help your understanding if you can undertake a small test of change within your workplace. However, it may not be possible for all students within their workplace to do this, therefore, it is acceptable to reflect on a particular development that has occurred within your practice in the last 3 years.
To complete this assignment you will be expected include the following sections:
NUM082: Leading and Advancing Practice
Details of content
You should introduce your area of practice and the topic you are going to consider within this assignment. You should provide the policy perspective within your topic area. You should use policy and literature from international to local perspective to provide comparison and build your rationale. Within the module we have looked at health and social care policy, even within an acute setting this should be relevant. This section should be about ‘why’ the change is necessary
The main body should:
Within your previous section you highlighted your rationale for change, now introduce this section by stating where you are at now (before the change). Then go on to discuss the methods used and how you tested your development. Remember to consider frameworks and theory here. You could bring in your leadership style and skills that were used to undertake your test of change. This part should be about the ‘how’ you conducted your quality improvement initiative/project. You should then go on to present the outcomes of the project. These could be relevant for patients, the workplace/organisation and/or staff, and also any personal outcomes. Link this back to the policy and literature presented in the introduction and analyse your improvement. This is the area that you could link in strategic, cultural, organisational, professional and legal issues or challenges that you may have encountered during your project. You may wish to use different sub-sections within this part of your assignment.

Provide a short summary and present any recommendations for further improvement or development.
Format and References
The assignment should be supported by current evidence based literature and written in the third person. All sources must be acknowledged and presented in a list at the end in RGU Harvard format. Please make use of appendices for any additional material you require to support your assignment.

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