This project is a continuation project (Parts 1-3, you completed Part 3).
Using the Case Law Reviews, candidates will add four additional sources on the selected topic. The sources may be position statements, opinion pieces, research articles, books, etc. There should be a total of 8 sources, cited and used in the paper as part of the literature review — four from a variety of documents, (these are general information papers, not case law reviews), as well as 4 law case reviews, presumably from the Case Law Review assignment. Along with the data collected in the Collaboration assignment, the completed literature review will help strengthen the need for policy change. As the candidate reviews the literature on the selected topic, he/she will identify emerging trends or issues that are likely to affect the school. Regarding these emerging trends, the candidate must also provide a statement as evidence of his/her ability to adapt leadership strategies to address them.

It might be helpful to use the rubric components as headings in the submitted assignment to make sure components are not overlooked.

The length requirement is a 4-page minimum and APA formatting is required. A title page and reference page must be included and are not included in the page count requirement

Legal Entanglement Project