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You are the commander for HQ 1st BCT, 4th Infantry Division 6872 Magrath Ave, Fort Carson, CO, 80913. Your BCT deployed with the 1st Brigade, 5th Mechanized Infantry Division, to the National Training Center. On 9 Oct 2011, during the NTC rotation, SSG Randall E. Smith, one of your section sergeants, died when his truck overturned in Death Valley. His primary next of kin is his wife, Heather D. Smith. They do not have any children. You have confirmed that official notification has taken place. You have also learned that Heather does not know the exact circumstances. Write a letter of sympathy to Mrs. Smith. Her address is 7 Finn Court, Savannah, Georgia 31344. Your office title (civilian) is Office of the Commander.

What is the importance of a sympathy letter? What should you not include in the letter?