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FOR WRITER: Please use very good research/evidence-based articles for this paper because my professor is very picky and prefers peer-reviewed and reputable articles to be used. Also, please include the articles you use for my paper in the files sections so I can have copies. The articles also have to be within the last 5 years only. Thank you for writing my paper. 🙂

Read and familiarize yourself with all the manual therapy resources.

Use the Internet to further explore manual therapy, and answer the following questions:
-Identify the actions you can take to safeguard a patient’s right to manual therapy.
-Describe the role of educators, counselors, advocates, and change agents in manual therapy.
-List several cases of EBP (evidence-based practice) that support the use of manual therapy.

Your paper should be 4-6 pages, including:
-Title page
-Reference page according to APA 7th edition writing style
-Spacing and margin settings (APA Style)

Manual Therapy Paper