Argumentative Paper

Attention should not be the only requirement for success/ result.
-Political Discourse
-Social Media


-Rape accusations
Selective news/media
Claim v.s Evidence
Videos of police brutality
Slander and defamation organisations

The Agenda-Setting Theory in Mass Communication

-Functionalist Perspective
-Agent of Socialization
-Enforcer of social norms

Attention should not be the only factor in a conclusion.
Jumping to conclusions


Mass media has an effect on public opinion or perception.

Mass media has the ability to push their agenda

The news has moved away from a non biased fact provision

Mass media should be encouraged to regulate their information.


This essay will analyze the role of media attention in spreading messages regarding rape accusations, presidency, activism, empowerment, and selective news.

Body 1: Rape Accusations
-Media useful for spreading information about accusations
-Useful for authorities
-Finding the people

-can promote dynamic of guilty until proven innocent
-recent activism narrates that people must be believed when they accuse someone of rape
-can promote slander and defamation


Body 2: President Trump
-His view on the media
-The media on trump
-Worldwide event



Body 3: Activism / Police brutality
-Useless activism
-lump narrative
-Question “What is morally correct?”











Mass media