Review the assigned textbook chapters and other literature related to patient safety and risk including current research based on prospective risk.
Provide evidence that class readings and discussions have been read, understood and are used to support the points of the paper.
Review and apply information from the peer reviewed professional literature
Develop a patient safety action plan related to the high risk incident appropriate for implementation in the current work environment and consistent with the solutions offered in the Wachter (2017) text.

Components of the project and grading criteria:

Description of the TYPE OF ERROR 25 points

Choose a chapter from Wachter (2012) chapters 4 through 11 to focus the problem on:

What is the incident/problem?
What make the incident “high risk”?
What are the multidisciplinary responsibilities related to the incident?
What barriers exist if any, that make it difficult for the risk to be ameliorated.?
What resources are available to health care providers that assist in the prevention of a similar incident from happening in the future?

Medication Administration Errors: A Patient Safety Action Plan of Prevention