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FOR WRITER: Please use very good research/evidence-based articles for this paper because my professor is very picky and prefers peer-reviewed and reputable articles to be used. Also, please include the articles you use for my paper in the files sections so I can have copies. All questions must be answered within the paper as well. Thank you for writing my paper. 🙂

After you have experienced practicing meditation, report on the following:
-How did you feel about this assignment?
-Were you comfortable or not performing the task on meditation? Explain why or why not.
-Describe the health benefits and different types of meditation therapies available?
-Describe the effects of meditation throughout your day-to-day activities and work.
-Do you believe mediation is a useful alternative and complimentary alternative to healthcare? Explain why or why not.
-Would you continue to use meditation?

Find evidenced-based research articles on meditation.

Remember to include your heart rate tracking before and after each meditation section to this post.

Meditation Paper