Paper details  

Content completeness (60%)
• maximum 3 pages of the standard template (2500-3000 words)
• Cover page (In addition to given template): Title, Course number (COMP 2660), Date, Student Name,
Student ID number
• Add the following note on the bottom of cover page: “I confirm that I will keep the content of this
assignment confidential. I confirm that I have not received any unauthorized assistance in preparing for
or writing this assignment. I acknowledge that a mark of 0 may be assigned for copied work.”
• Introduction
• Importance
• Technological Details
• Discussion
• Conclusion–max. 250 words
Effort Presentation (20%)
• Figures, Tables, or diagrams (add references)
References and originality (20%)
• All references used, including textbooks, research articles, websites, news articles
• No Wikipedia!

• Microprocessor designers realize security must be a primary concern