You may provide a brief overview of what you learned about your last question, then tackle this new prompt: Explore ethical issues involved in increasing engagement. Chances are good that when you search for ethical issues and engagement, you will find much concerning the importance of an ethical climate and much related to leaders and ethics. However, it is often more difficult to find papers or articles on the ethical issues themselves.
What do I mean by ‘ethical issues’? Let me give you a couple examples. One critique of this push for engagement is that it is simply one more way that leaders use to try to get more from employees-so that organizations can get more for less, and that’s an ethical issue. Another example… many who work with engagement state that it is important for leaders “to make work meaningful” to employees, but is it ethical to attempt to create or manipulate meaning for another person?
Dive into this by exploring what other ethical issues a leader needs to be concerned about or watchful of and see what you can find (you may have to really challenge your search engine skills!). Consider the many topics we’ve covered in class so far related to our psychology, motivation, voice, development, and so on, and see what the related ethical issues are.
For either option, seek a minimum of 3 online sources (practitioner- or academic-oriented). As with all such explorations, seek out sources that may not agree with each other so that you have a better understanding of ongoing debate related to the issue. Then, summarize your key findings: What are 3 important findings that really stood out for you? What are 2 key take-aways for you (think in terms of implications of your findings)? And finally, what is 1 question you still have that you will continue to explore, beyond the realms of this class (since this is our final 3-2-1 exercise)?

Writer – The question was I will continue to explore is whether there is an ideal combination of quantitative and qualitative survey methods that could be employed to best examine employee engagement and profitability?

Module 7: Assignment