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RUBRIC FOR MOVIE CRITIQUE Many films depict characters with a mental illness. Not all films, however, depict mental illness with accuracy and sensitivity. Similarly, the professional practice and ethics of mental health practitioners often are misrepresented. With that in mind, students will work in groups to be determined at beginning of semester and select a movie of their own choosing. The student will address the following criteria while viewing the movie and present to the class in a PowerPoint using movie clips/ or write a 1 – 2 pg. Paper in APA format to hand in to professor citing 2 references one of which may be your textbook. 1. Does this movie perpetuate the stigma of mental illness?: Identify any false statements in the film and discuss what effects this film could have on public attitudes toward mental illness and/or discuss the positive aspects of the film. 2. Attitude Change/Frame of Reference: Did the film change your perspective on the disorder? Why/not? 3. Accuracy of portrayal: Apply the DSM-5 diagnostic criteria to the film’s characters. You may need to make your own diagnosis according to the behaviors. Examples would be Dx. Bipolar Disorder, Borderline or Sociopathic Personality disorder, Major Depressive D/O. 4. Historical context: What history of treatment for the illness is demonstrated? Is it correct? 5. Professional Ethics: It is rare that films depict mental health professionals in an ethical light. Describe appropriate behaviors/relationships and any ethical violations if warranted in the film. Or if no violations what ethics in the film were appropriate? 6. Treatment Received: How was the character treated? Was it appropriate?

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