: Reflect on the MPH program competencies. The 22 competencies are attached
Does the knowledge you gained in the MPH program reflect these competencies?
Select three competencies you think you have mastered and explain why.
These are the three I selected just need a why.
18. Select communication strategies for different audiences and sectors
20. Describe the importance of cultural competence in communicating public health content
21. Perform effectively on interprofessional teams
Prompt 2: Which three competencies will you benefit from the most in your career?
16. Apply principles of leadership, governance and management, which include creating a vision,
empowering others, fostering collaboration and guiding decision making
7. Assess population needs, assets and capacities that affect communities’ health
8. Apply awareness of cultural values and practices to the design or implementation of public health
policies or programs

How will the knowledge you gained from your MPH program help you to advance your career in public health?

MPH competencies