Negotiation and Conflict Resolution Paper Due Sunday
Negotiation and Conflict Resolution Paper

The purpose of this project is to apply/associate the concepts presented in the
course that entails negotiation and conflict resolution.

All papers should be proofread, free of spelling/grammatical errors, include proper citations, and
be in accordance with current APA standards.

The word count minimum, required format (please see requirements below).

The paper should include (use these as subheaders):
1. Introduction;
2. The definition of negotiation and conflict;
3. An explanation of the negotiation/conflict resolution strategies and tactics that are available
to negotiators;
4. The importance of seeing conflict as an opportunity for growth and transformation;
5. The importance of effective conflict resolution for organizations; and
6. Conclusion

The book information: Title of Book: Negotiation Author: Lewicki, R., Saunders, D., & Barry, B (Publisher) McGraw-Hill Education (Edition) 7th (ISBN) 9780078029448

PART THREE: NEGOTIATION CONTEXTS Chapter 10: Relationships in Negotiation Chapter 11: Agents, Constituencies, Audiences Chapter 12: Coalitions Chapter 13: Multiple Parties and Teams in Negotiation
Please put abstract on separate page

Negotiation and Conflict Resolution