Describe differences with regard to assessing the central versus peripheral nervous system. In other words, let’s say you are a country doctor and do not have access to modern tests such as MRI, CT, etc. You basically have some simple tools including a reflex hammer, pinwheel, tongue depressor, cotton balls, and ophthalmoscope. What tests would you perform to determine whether your patient has a central versus peripheral nervous system problem? Explain your rationale.
The assignment must include:
1. The assignment must be at least 300 words (not including references).
2. Must contain an overview of the anatomy of the central and peripheral nervous systems.
3. Must include the gross function of the central and peripheral nervous systems.
4. Must include at least 2 tests each for the Central and Peripheral Nervous Systems.
5. Each test must include a detailed description, such as how the test is performed, normal and abnormal findings, and whether it tests the central or peripheral nervous system.
6. Includes 3 references according to APA guidelines.

Nervous System Assignment