Health Behavior Theory: The use of social cognitive theory in addressing alcohol use disorder

The purpose of this assignment is to learn how best to apply health behavior theory (or constructs from health behavior theory) in public health research and/or practice.

The health behavior theory to be explored in this paper is SOCIAL COGNITIVE THEORY. Social Cognitive Theory discusses “self efficacy” and “stages of change”. You can learn more about social cognitive theory in the PDF book attached.

The title of this assignment is “The role of social cognitive theory in addressing alcohol use disorder”.

Research and synthesize how social cognitive theory (or constructs from social cognitive theory) have been applied to address Alcohol Use Disorder in research or practice.

A few examples include: describing how social cognitive theory has been applied in alcohol abstinence or substance abuse recovery, or how stages of change have been applied in alcohol abuse prevention programs. Please describe what you have learned from the research regarding the application of the theory. In addition, discuss how you would apply the theory going forward. What changes would the application of this theory have the potential to change? Provide details.

Please write a 4 page paper (plus 2 pages for cover page and reference page), APA format.

Please include at least 3 reputable sources. The following article may be useful in your research:

If you have any questions or concerns, please let me know. Please do a good job.

Health Behavior Theory: The Use of Social Cognitive Theory in Addressing Alcohol Use Disorder