Organization: The Fisher House

You would want to consider current financial statements as well as prior financial statements as far back in the past as relevant to make your decision. You would also consider looking at trends, ratios or ratings (nonprofits) in your assessment. In addition, you might also look at qualitative factors such as negative PR, corporate social responsibility and/or market trends (i.e., investments in streaming solutions are rising dramatically due the expansion of a remote workforce and online entertainment.). For nonprofits, I mentioned USE CHARITY NAVIGATOR for assessment information but Guidestar is also another good choice. As for financial statements, all corporations must file a Form 10-K and all nonprofits must file a Form 990. These should be considered as resources for assessing financial state but you should also explore the organization’s website for additional information.
You might also consider the following presentation format for your slides:
Slide 1 – title, list team members
Slide 2 – present the organizations and a description of what each one does; explain why you chose these three and
how they relate to each other for comparisons
Slide 3-5 – provide your financial assessment of each organization separately and any other factors you felt were
important in assessing each organization (i.e., qualitative factors)
Slide 6 – summarize your financial assessment and any key points by comparing the 3 organizations Slide 7 – reveal your choice and why

Non Profit Assessment