Learning Outcomes
Apply the nursing process to individuals facing common health challenges of the older adulthood and end of life
Recognize safety risks for older adults and describes strategies to maintain safety for older adults
Examine leadership theory and opportunities for leadership within gerontological nursing

Learning Objectives
Module 1
Discuss factor within the environment that can be managed as a part of a caring climate
Describe holistic health care approach
Describe six standards of practice identified by the Canadian Gerontological Nursing association (CGNA)
Module 2
Discuss the influence of culture and cohort on psychological and social adaption
Incorporate prevention and health promotion in a plan of care for an older person
Module 3
Discuss communication strategies that demonstrates respect and preserve dignity for older persons
Module 4
Describe the LEARN and RESPECT models of Cross-Cultural Communication
Module 5
Discuss the cultural change movement in LTRC
Compare and contrast institution centered versus person centered care
Describe strategies to facilitate person centered care
Describe ways that LPN’s demonstrate leadership in LTRC setting
Module 7
Identify strategies for protecting the older person from injury and accident
Describe types of elder abuse
Identify risk factors for abuse and neglect of older persons
Discuss expectations for reporting suspected abuse and strategies to prevent abuse
Module 9
Discuss the role of person-centered Care in dementia care
Module 10
Identify strategies that may be used to promote mental health and wellness in later life
Module 12
Describe holistic, person centered, and family centered needs associated with end of life care.


Read the article entitled Care Perceptions of Residents in LTC Facilities Purporting to Offer Person-Centered Care by Donnelly & Macentee (2016).
All seven of the care homes studied for this article are in Canada. As you read the results outlining how the residents perceived the care, notice your reactions and think about the questions below.
Write a paper addressing the research and reflection areas below.


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