Read the case study below. Using the information you read in chapter 6 answer the questions.

Fara and her husband have been married for three years and are thinking about starting a family. She has been taking birth control pills and she has heard that it’s not good to get pregnant too quickly after discontinuing them. She is active and has never had a problem with her weight, so she has never thought too much about what she eats. She is wondering if she should pay more attention to making sure she eats well during pregnancy.
I think the answer to 1 and 2 are vitamin A and B but not sure
1. Fara might need to increase her intake of a specific vitamin after discontinuing the use of birth control pills and before becoming pregnant. Which vitamin is this and why?

2. Which other vitamin is especially important before conception?

3. What foods could Fara include daily to make sure she takes in plenty of these two vitamins.

2nd part

In this assignment, you will learn about vegan meal plans. It is important when the vegan diet is used in children that the diet contains adequate calories and nutrients to support growth. Complete the following meal planning assignment which focuses on a 2-year-old vegan child. included in the meal plan thing

A pediatrician told a vegan couple that their 2-year-old daughter was falling behind in her growth rate. What dietary factors are likely related to her poor growth? Using the My Plate Plan below, plan 1 day of meals for this child, indicating food amounts that would meet her protein and energy needs and respect the vegan food pattern.