I attached the blank temp on and it explains how it should be written out also I attached a sample. also I attached how they grade it so you have a idea what they are looking for you

must include sub topic all topics below I have the autobio completed already I can attach that it you want please let me know if you have any questions.

Discuss the basic administrative skills and techniques necessary to develop and maintain a successful and functional office in a business environment. The following subtopics are to be addressed: Subtopic 1: Identify the functions performed by the office administrator and office.
Subtopic 2:
Discuss the role of the office in recruitment and indoctrination. Identify other HR services provided by the office to other managers and employees. Subtopic 3: Discuss the role of training for office staff members.
Subtopic 4:
Discuss the interpersonal relationships between the office administrator, senior management and other functional area managers. Subtopic 5: Identify the changes in responsibilities and technology over time. Subtopic 6: Identify the trends in administration and challenges raised by dispersed operating locations

Office Administration