For the 5 Forces analysis, is it possible to do another check of the paper with this new information? :

( Conduct a detailed analysis of the industry ARYZTA you have selected, and present it, together with your conclusions, in a 3-4 page document, excluding cover page, table of contents, appendices and bibliography. Throughout your analysis you should take the perspective of the incumbents, but you are not yet discussing your company specifically. You must maintain your objectivity and look at data critically.
In the introduction, you should clearly define the selected sector: too broad a definition will limit you to a superficial analysis, while too narrow a definition may blind you to potential threats from unidentified competitors. You should also provide a summary of how you are going to build your argument; this provides the reader with a road map.

The paper should address the following key points:
What kinds of competitive forces are industry members facing, and how strong is each force?
What cooperative forces are present in the industry, if any, and how can a company harness them to their advantage?
What factors are driving changes in the industry, and what impact will they have on competitive intensity and industry profitability?
Is the industry outlook conducive to good profitability? (conclusions drawn from foregoing analysis)
Make sure your paper is well grounded, with clear supporting evidence for your claims. In the appendices you should include a detailed discussion of the questions in the 5-force checklist. )

May you check if the paper has all the answers for all the questions and if it meets the requirement? Let me know if you need an additional fee and sorry for asking this so lately.

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Firstly, identify the major trends affecting your INDUSTRY ARYZTA in each of the PESTEL categories. Do some research in order to support your statements with objective, and where possible measurable, data. Of these factors, which have the most strategic relevance for your industry?
Secondly, Using (rivalry), (threat of new entrants), (substitutes), (suppliers), (buyers) as a checklist, apply the framework to analyze the industry ARYTZA:
For each of the five forces,
1. identify the different parties involved, along with the specific factors that bring about competitive pressures.
2. Evaluate how strong the pressures stemming from each of the five forces are (strong, moderate, or weak).
3. Determine whether the five forces, overall, are supportive of high industry profitability.
4. How strong are the industry’s competitive forces?
5. What are the driving forces in the industry, and what impact will they have on competitive intensity and industry profitability?
6. Which of the five competitive forces is creating the strongest competitive pressures for your company? Which are favourable?
7. What market positions do industry rivals occupy—who is strongly positioned and who is not?
8. What strategic moves are rivals likely to make next?
9. What are the industry’s key success factors?
10. Is the industry outlook conducive to good profitability?