This should be written in the perspective of a physical therapist. Should answer the questions like a physical therapist would answer and document. The goals should be measurable and the treatment sessions should be concise with any type of training and with exercises based on the the impairments given in the case.

These are the questions to answer:
1) Explain cognitive challenges from the outcome measures and other information provided. Use the GDS to determine what stage this patient most fits into.
2) Explain the functional outcome measures used, what they measure and how the individual’s scores compare to norms (include citation)
3) Based on deficits found, establish 2 LTG and 2 STG that are measurable including a brief assessment about prognosis.
3) Design 3 treatment sessions. Include specific details about the activity/exercise including dosing etc. Include how you would modify or adjust your sessions based on behavioral challenges due to the patient’s cognitive issues (Document this portion so that the session could be easily reproduced by another PT)
4) Use to peer-reviewed journal articles (that are not part of the assigned readings) to substantiate your interventions and cite appropriately. Minimum number of references is 3 within the past 10 years.

Physical Therapy