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Background on the website you’ll be using:
PR Newswire is a service that distributes press releases. It was established in 1954 and was recently acquired by Cision. Cision formally merged PR Newswire into the company on January 1, 2021. They still use the PR Newswire name and offer press release distribution services.

Discussion Post Instructions:

Visit Pick one press release that published in 2021. Note: If you scroll to the bottom of the homepage, you can find an array of news release categories and trending topics. In your discussion post, please address the following:

Create three key messages (no need to include the additional substantiation points – just the overarching messages) that the PR team may have used to guide their press release.
Excluding the media tools of three key messages, a press release, and a pitch, are there any other strategic tools from our arsenal of media materials which could help tell this story? Why did you select these additional tools? Limit yourself to three additional tools max.

Please include the link to your selected press release.
Posts should be about two to four paragraphs of quality, thoughtful material (organized thoughts, bullets, notes, and links to examples).

PR team’s work and media tools